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I would like to invite more people to post their edits in fandom specific tags! I didn’t create them, nor was it my idea. But it’s really nice to have tags dedicated simply to graphics without all the reposts and drama crowding them. If you know of anymore please add them to the list (even if it’s for the same fandom, sometimes they have more than one). Television shows, movies, anime, video games, whatever! If you want to create a tag for a fandom, feel free to do that, too. Please reblog this so it will get around. It’d be really awesome to get a master list for all the tags. If you need any help, or have questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. I WANT TO SEE ALL YOUR EDITS. BE PROUD OF YOUR PASSION AND CREATIVITY! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Final Fantasy: #ffgraphics

Dead or Alive: #doagraphics

Kingdom Hearts: #khedits / #khgraphics / #khgifs

Tomb Raider: #tredits / #trgraphics

DmC: #dmcedits

Resident Evil: #residenteviledit

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i love julianne moore

she is one of the most versatile actresses in modern cinema

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callmekun asked: orange


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poisonivypng asked: Kiwi ~ ♥

the poison ivy to my harley quinn


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Matching icons for you and your styles friends. Like of reblog if you use them.

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princessdante asked: Kiwi and Apple


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  • Apple: I haven't really taken notice of you so far.
  • Honeydew: You fascinate me.
  • Banana: You annoy me.
  • Mullberry: Mostly I tolerate you on my dash.
  • Cherry: You make me uncomfortable.
  • Orange: I love your blog, but I'm not very interested in you personally.
  • Grapefruit: I don't care so much for your blog, but I'm rather interested in you as a person.
  • Kiwi: Love your blog, equally interested in you as a person.
  • Pineapple: I think about you even when I'm not on tumblr.
  • Rasberry: I'm not even aware I'm re-blogging from you when I do.
  • Strawberry: I wasn't even aware I was following you. How did that happen?
  • Mango: I wouldn't mind talking to you if you ever messaged me, but it's not that big of a deal to me.
  • Apple: I would really like to talk to you, but I never will initiate it.
  • Guava: I have no interest in talking with you on here.
  • Blueberry: Sometimes, I like and re-blog posts from you just to get your attention.
  • Cantaloupe: I often avoid liking and re-blogging your post so I don't draw your attention.
  • Watermelon: I'm not very interested in you or your blog, I'm just too lazy to unfollow you.
  • Elderberry: I've anon-ed you something personal before.
  • Pumpkin: I've anon-ed you a compliment before.
  • Kumquat: I've anon-ed you hate before.
  • Lemon: Never anon-ed you before, probably won't again.
  • Lime: We've never talked and I prefer to keep it that way.
  • Papaya: We used to talk but we don't anymore and that makes me sad.
  • Rhubarb: We used to talk and we don't anymore and I prefer it that way.
  • Tangerine: We talk on here sometimes and I want it to continue.
  • Plum: Meh.
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I think the best part of being a woman is the sexual security that we have. I mean like even a straight woman could know that she’s not interested in women, but she can still sit on another girl’s lap and hold her hand and maybe even kiss her if they were that close. If two guys even make eye contact with each other they have to screech “NO HOMO” at the top of their lungs to make sure everybody knows that they are not gay. 

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